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in trouble

So summer is the time to be productive. With intellectual pursuits. With fitness goals. With wedding items (okay so that’s girly crafty productive but it’s STILL PRODUCTIVE). With housework challenges. With world-saving endeavors.

NOT with browsing beautiful blog photos. ALL DAMN DAY. And having craft envy. THIS IS NOT HELPFUL.

And yeah.  I remember when I painted my room purple as a teenager and then hung a sign on my door about how I was having a “creative fit” as an excuse for the mess in my room.  (That was most of the extent of my teenage rebelliousness…)  And really, I wasn’t lying.  So any blog named A Beautiful Mess definitely speaks to me on a few levels.

But it’s pretty awesome, nonetheless. I am all about women cashing in on creativity. Hooray!


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Nothing like going to sleep at night, with everything full of good news.  It is amazing how, despite how much terrible crap that happens, people standing up for what is right can still make such a huge huge difference.

The Empire State Goes Gay - and Is Loving It!

This is a freaking game-changer.

We were at a Stonewall Pride parade on Sunday, in our neighborhood (seriously – at the same time, everyone poured out of their homes to walk down the street, even though the weather was awful, to be there for this event), and there was a lot of hugging your neighbor encouraged.  One of our cadre of friends there was told he had to hug, and say thank you, to someone else in the crowd.  Turns out the guy he was directed to hug was actually at Stonewall on the night of the famous riots.

I don’t know the guy’s name, but I too, want to thank him, for standing up for what’s right.  And I want to hug the four Republican senators who did the same tonight.

The smell of victory.

My twitter went absolutely bonkers tonight, everything all on the same subject.  It was kind of amazing.  Since twitter has been overrun with self-promoting celebrities, I read that Joy Beyhar twote that the best thing about the gay marriage law passing was the right-wingers going nuts.  And I completely disagree.

The best thing about this legislation passing is that it leads to more equality, more civil rights, and overall, an expression of more love in the world.  Isn’t that what we really always need?

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Wrong again, Cracked!

(Alternately titled: my mom & my fiance totally freaking rule.)

Let’s lay it out here.  I read a lot of – how many self-proclaimed nerdy 20somethings don’t?  Judging by my facebook livefeed, not a lot.

from 3 Rexes Jewelry on Etsy

But I’m going to be mean for a moment.  One of their potentially token female writers just put up an article/list about how much engagement ring shopping sucks.  And yeah, I have to agree just a little bit.  It sucks just as much as having to explain to a totally disinterested 8th grade music appreciation class exactly what Kanye West is trying to convey in the song “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”.  Spectacularly failed lesson plan there.

However, everything else I’m going to say here is positive.  I have a wonderful engagement ring story to share.  My fiance did just about everything right in the purchasing process.  He was diligent and creative.  And it all started by following a very simple edict: he asked my mother.

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wedding pr0n

I have read a lot of wedding blogs in the past year and a half.  Yeah, it’s been that long.  Will I still continue to read wedding blogs after the actual wedding occurs?  The very likely answer is yes.

Please also excuse the high number of “quotey fingers” I’m about to use.

One thing that I constantly notice is that many “diy” weddings that aren’t diy at all.  Not one bit.  Kind of like popular musicians who pay engineers or mandolin players to make them sound “indie”.  It doesn’t work.  John Darnielle (of the Mountain Goats) sounded indie in 1993 because he had a whiny voice and he recorded his first few albums on a boombox.  And you can hear the fuzz in the background.  His newer albums are quite a bit more refined on the production end, but he’s still a good songwriter.  The “styling” is different, but the quality still exists, so it doesn’t really matter.

So no, Rob Thomas, no one cares if you put out an album and name it Exile on Mainstream.  People a) get pissed at you for an awful Rolling Stones reference and b) know that you are still the enemy of anyone who is trying to do something different, no matter how much your recording engineers made you sound like The Killers.

Anyway.  Much like the grunge/alternative labels of the 90s, “indie” has become a style rather than an ethic.  This applies particularly to weddings.  I get so annoyed when I see an endless stream of photos with soft focus and muted colors, succulents everywhere, tons of bunting with frayed edges on the fabric, and then “styling” on the photos is credited to a “wedding styling firm.”  The “y” in diy means you do it YOURSELF.  Very often because you’re too poor to pay someone to do it.  (Ask some old first-wave punks about that.)  But paying someone to make you look poor?  WTF.

Then I clicked on this wedding, and I really really enjoyed looking at these photos because it looked completely believable that the couple and their friends/family made all of these decorations. Way to go, guys!

(Clicky-clicky on the image to see more wedding photos, a la Project Wedding.)

And as my favorite wedding blogger would say?  A post-it guest book is totally rad.


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Better than virtual bubble wrap…

Planning a wedding is the best ever time-waster/procrastination device.  Ever.  Forget live journal.  Forget puzzle games (which I only have so much patience for).  Forget endless VH1 countdown shows (on repeat).  Forget America’s Next Top Model marathons (which are better for curing hangovers, anyway).  I will never again have a procrastination enabler such as planning a wedding, so I might as well make the most of it.  And now it’s summer, so you’d think that I’d feel odd with nothing to put off.  You might think that I’d be less obsessed with reading various & sundry wedding blogs because I’m not putting off other more pertinent things to do.

And my dears, you’d be wrong.

Today I found this little bloggy, and now am going to sufficiently waste my entire day browsing through this.  Gina and I are going to allegedly record a podcast tonight, and it’s going to be about musicians and drug culture and what not.  Until then, consider me lost in color palate-land.  It’s a beautiful place full of sparkly & pretty things; why wouldn’t I want to get lost there!?

(Actually I just remembered some important paperwork I very shortly have to drop off.  Oh fart.  Lemme just lookit these next 10 palattes….)

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30 Rock & Homophobia

We’ll put it out there right now: I worship Tina Fey.  For all of the reasons that everyone else worships her.  I think she’s a fantastic writer, she’s hilarious, and I aspire to be like her (although I’d already had the brunette/nerdy glasses/badger face look going my whole life).  I watch 30 Rock on repeat religiously.  I’ve made T-storm a convert.  I can quote entire episodes.

And in the past two days, there has been a huge controversy over a line in Tracy Morgan’s stand-up routine that describes acts of homophobically-driven violence.  It’s really disturbing.  And it’s not funny.

The first thing this proves is that Morgan is an actor, not a writer.  I think he’s hilarious on 30 Rock – when someone else is telling him what to say.  T-storm and I quote his lines all the time.  But the writers also make Sherri Shepherd, who oddly enough plays Tracy’s wife, funny and appealing, and when she’s left to her own devices she kind of sounds like an idiot.  Just not a bigoted idiot.

It’s a kind of Singin’ in the Rain situation: someone famous and not terribly bright thinks they can still be famous and beloved without their handlers charting their every move.  But here with much graver consequences.

The second thing that’s notable here is that Tina Fey is even more hilarious and intelligent than we think.  She managed to crack me up even in her official statement on the ugly matter: when she said that what Morgan said “doesn’t line up with the Tracy Morgan I know, who is not a hateful man and is generally much too sleepy and self-centered to ever hurt another person.”  (As noted here and a hundred other places.  Weird: I consulted the twitter to re-find the article I first read this in, and the story had already popped up on Jezebel in the interim.)

(No semi-nude Hasselhoff after the cut this time.)

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Go Mavs

I live in South Florida.  I do not want the Miami Heat to win the national title.  I am irritated that they’ve made it this far.  Why? For a number of reasons.  Well one short one and a really long one, both relating to my childhood.

1) Living in Florida as a young kid in the late 80s, when we got the first two Florida teams as NBA expansion teams, I lived in Central Florida.  Thus, the Orlando Magic were a somewhat central theme to my childhood and adolescence.  I really enjoyed watching them play the Lakers in the NBA Finals two years ago, despite the outcome.  I learned that watching high stakes sports  I was emotionally invested in was a huge motivational force to clean my apartment.  More than ever.  I was very sad to see the Magic fall so early this post-season.

2) Then there’s that whole Lebron deal.  That guy sucks.  Back to two years ago, I delighted in the fact that Dwight Howard had busted up the Kobe/Lebron battle that was supposed to be the NBA Finals that year.  I hated Lebron then.  I still hate him now.

The whole stacking the deck down here in Miami smacks of playground politics.  I feel like I’m back in elementary school…

(insert crazy harp runs and wavy visuals that invariably indicate we’re going back in time)


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