A Modern Couple’s Saturday Morning

Begins in earnest with coffee.  Sipping while doing internet things (together, separately, in the same room).  Then breakfast.  The little soon-to-be-wifey cooks the first real meal she’s cooked in weeks, and delights in it because it makes the whole place smell like rosemary.  And then remembers halfway to put on an apron.  And cooks more!

While cooking there must always be a record played.  Today, we catch up on the purchases from Record Store Day (which was a month and a half ago), and spin the Kill Rock Stars compilation, featuring Olympia, WA’s finest from 1991.  We really loved the Courtney Love track, surprisingly, and my man made horrible faces all throughout the closing track by Jad Fair.  I respect my man for his reaction to such.  It was nice to be cooking to some loud, raucous music.

And we ate.  And he played some Halo.  And we made more coffee.  And I went back online.  And now he’s playing Angry Birds on his new phone.  And that is that.

(Image found on a blog entry where some lady talks about Weight Watchers cookies.  Huzzah!)


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