Let’s just think about this for a minute…

Getting political for a sec.  This won’t be the last time.

There are a bunch of D-bags out there who constantly rag on teachers.  And they say things like, “Well duh guys, the economy sucks and we all have to make do with less.  That includes those rich, spoiled teachers with their lingering summer vacations.”  And while teachers hit the streets in protest, said D-bags roll down their windows and complain about how few benefits private employees get, and then drive off in their late-model luxury SUVs.

Well you know what?  Allow me to just say, now that this ridiculous school year is ending, that teachers are doing more with less.  A lot more.  I’ve seen a lot of teachers in general kicking some serious ass on a lot less than they’re used to.  Not to mention that all Florida teachers are going to be subject to a 3% pay cut next year, as well as continual cuts to programs & resources in schools.  Teachers are still going to move students forward.

Even though that path dangerous – because whenever you do more with less, the powers that be will decide you never needed more, and they’ll keep you on that steady diet of nothing (wasn’t that the title of a Minor Threat album or something?  Fugazi, maybe?).

But what is the alternative?  Be crappy to students and give them less than they deserve?  It’s not their fault they couldn’t talk mommy & daddy out of voting for union-busting nitwits.

Kids deserve the best that society can afford to give them, at least in their education.  Kids deserve to eat healthy foods, to feel safe in their communities, and to grow into intelligent young people via public education.  And less intelligent budget cuts in places all over the country threaten those rights.

Miracles can happen.  Some teachers are Christ-like in their ability to make wine from water (and don’t many of them wish they could actually accomplish this during their planning hour).

But even Christ himself cannot make wine out of thin air.  And that’s what state and local governments are trying to see happen.  Holding classes where students do nothing but learn on their own with a laptop, no assigned teacher for the period.  Thus defeating the purpose of them even coming to school.  I predict parents are going to start crapping their pants over this – and I hope they do.

Okay, evil, cartoonish governors and ill-fated superintendents: we got it.  Teachers have to make do with less.  But what message is that sending to kids?

“Hey kids – we don’t think you’re important.  We don’t place a premium on your future.  We are taking things away from you to give to private businesses, who are only going to invest in more private businesses, and we’ll get some sales tax revenue from that, sure, but then that revenue will only go back to more tax breaks for companies, and not to schools, because we just can’t afford it.  You understand, right?  Now go consume things that are bad for you, and take low-paying, entry level jobs at these same corporations, because we don’t care about you.”

Think about it.  Just for a minute.


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