year in review

All of a sudden, I’m having a really hard time remembering everything that happened this year.  Alas.  Here’s a quick month-by-month rundown.  In my life, of course.  You’ve already read enough about the Arab Spring & Occupy Everywhere.

January: rang in a terrific New Year, had the best ever New Year’s Day party, made a lot of crafts and listened to a lot of Mates of State.  January conference and Of Montreal dance party in Tampa.  Spent evenings on the couch, exhausted, sleeping behind T-storm as he played some sort of sci-fi WWII zombie game.

February: attended a wedding in Clearwater that was filmed for (and appeared on) Bridezillas.  Both fun and hilarious.  Began serious crafting by hand-making 100 Save the Dates and hand punching infinite numbers of paper hearts.

March: work was balls out crazy.  Wedding planning was balls out crazy.  Went to a cool art fair with my friend N.  Played kickball on the weekends.  All things productive, but nuts.

April: work calmed down, wedding planning kicked up.  It was kind of a blur.  My good friend MD got engaged.  I started using Health Month and became properly hydrated for the first time in forever.  T-storm and I also did the fitness trail near our apartment more often.  More crafting.

May: the academic year ended on some serious good notes.  And then there was Fringe Festival, which was an amazing weekend in Orlando, filled with boots of beer, Big Queer Hootenannies, and deeply felt monologues.  We also met The Mud Flappers and our favorite Orlando cupcake truck that weekend.  All in all it turned out to be quite an important weekend.

June: taught over the summer.  It wasn’t my idea.  Played a crapload of Dance Central.  Attended the Stonewall Festival in downtown Wilton Manors, which was amazing.  Entertained visitors.  Picked up this baby again.  More crafting.

July: kicked off with one of the best Fourth of July weekends ever.  A concert night full of amazing a-ha moments began it all.  Started teaching at a language center, where I learned more about spoiled Spainyards and Saudi kids than I ever thought possible.  Made some money and subsequently spent lots of it.  Parties.  More crafting.

August: starting work again kicked my ass.  More crafting.

September: still kicked my ass.  Badly.  Horribly badly.  But.  It was the start of the best fall in recorded history.  Made all of my own damn invitations.  Probably barely did chores for three months (ask T-storm).  But we got through it.  More crafting.  Also someone decided I gave good advice and recognized me for it.  Which I needed badly at that moment.

October: hooray month!  Traveled to Boston where we partied waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard, too fast, but had a memorable time.  High school reunion was actually a total blast.  Bridal shower was a dream come true.  Things were coming down the line and lining up beautifully.  Work still rough, but alas.

November: the best.  Ever.  Amazing bachelorette party.  Friends EVERYWHERE.  Wedding was everything I wanted it to be and so much more.  Montreal was brilliant.  Three weeks off of work.  Once in a lifetime fabulous.

December: back to work, hard.  But newlywed life and all of the other stuff at hand is coming together.  And will continue to do so.  And we’ve started working out (exercising – not problems, but we do work through problems as well).  And I already feel better.  Some holiday crafting, lots of cookies baked.

Next year: more projects that are not punching out paper hearts.  Onward, 2012!!


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