happy new year

I hope that you guys & gals take good care of your friends in this new year. One of the last things we experienced “last year” (as in “last week”) was a very close friend losing both his father & step-father in the span of about 3 weeks. His step-father died on Christmas Eve. And to see all of his friends encircle him and take care of him was beyond incredible.

Anyway. Point being. Take care of each other. The world is horrible and cruel and ridiculous. So take care of each other.

Also this is essentially where we spent the ringing in of midnight.  Watching Bear Bartenders in a video where they lip-synched Lady GaGa’s “Edge of Glory” and looked almost exactly like this video.

And lots of people had Lincoln beards.  So maybe Electric Six is more responsible for the bear trend of the last few years than say, the dude from Iron & Wine?


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