the best part about wedding planning

So I enjoy going to weddings.  But not because I’m in love with decor or cake or whatever.  Or because I need to see escort card displays or check out the boutonnieres that others have used.  Or comment on couple’s choices of soup over salad or whatever.

I love seeing my friends.  I love re-connecting with people.  It’s an excuse to celebrate the love that you have, and celebrate the people in your life.  There is so much leading up to it that allows you to do so, and of course, the day is full of that (if you’re doing it correctly).

Well, I say correctly.  For some people, doing it in a courthouse and avoiding all of the mess is correctly.

But living far away from my most core group of friends and family (still), “correctly” to me is celebrating them, and getting to spend time with them all.

There has been so much in our lives lately to divide people.  Ours specifically, and even the world over.  Weddings are one of those occasions created specifically for the unification of people, of families, of communities.

That’s what I miss most about planning my wedding.


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