monsoon-ish wedding

You guys.

Can we invite large, Indian families to every single wedding ever from now on?

I like to dance and all at weddings, and I thought my personal playlist of When in Rome, George Harrison, Dr. Dre, and Florence & the Machine would make for great wedding dancing.

And there was much dancing at my wedding.  We had a bluegrass(ish) band, and there was so much dosey-doing.

But it did not compare to the wedding we attended in State College this past weekend.  The family of the groom is rather religious – his uncle performed the ceremony and talked about God more often than I’ve ever heard the bride speak of the big man in the last 11 years I’ve known her.

And I thought to myself, “It’ll be a John Lithgow thing, where they reject dancing.”

Little did I know.

I had a friend tell me, “Of course Indian families dance a lot.  Haven’t you seen a Bollywood movie?”

Yeah I’ve seen Bollywood movies, with lots of dancing.  But to assume that everyone who is Indian likes to dance like they do in Bollywood doesn’t seem like a fair stereotype.

Except maybe it is.


When the reggae wedding band came on, and everyone was STILL going berserk dancing, my friend Ryan asked me if it would be cheesy to start a conga line in the middle-of-nowhere lodge wedding venue.  I said, “If the Indians join in, then we’re golden.”

And so I followed him, and the groom’s mother latched onto my cardigan – immediately – and said, “LET’S GO!”

The bride’s blond-haired, Italian-American mother was a whirling dervish, as well.  Everyone caught the spirit; it was unbelievable.

Best wedding dancing ever.  Seriously.

Sort of like the following, but with 30 people doing it, spontaneously.


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