For almost two years, I was obsessed with planning a wedding.

And now it’s high time I plan a life.

For the moment, I write about the experience of being a woman, a wife, and living that life in South Florida.


Things to know:

1) Not actually a housewife.  As in, I work a beyond full-time job outside my home.  Get offa my case about vacuuming.

2) Am now an official wife, as of November 11th.

3) If I were a housewife, I’d very likely be the only one living in Wilton Manors, FL.

4) I enjoy weddings.  A lot.  I believe very strongly that while marriage may not be for everyone, everyone should have the option to marry the person they love.

5) I like music and I like craft fairs and makin’ stuff so I’ll write about that, too.

6) References to “T-storm” are references to my husband.  Name changed to protect what dignity he has left.

I also am a partner in The Five Percent Rule, a blog I do with my awesomeballs friend Gina where we write & podcast about being female instrumentalists with an affinity for pop music.

One response to “About

  1. Hey, I remember you already marrying the lovely T-storm in an absolutely FABULOUS wedding! ❤

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