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Better than virtual bubble wrap…

Planning a wedding is the best ever time-waster/procrastination device.  Ever.  Forget live journal.  Forget puzzle games (which I only have so much patience for).  Forget endless VH1 countdown shows (on repeat).  Forget America’s Next Top Model marathons (which are better for curing hangovers, anyway).  I will never again have a procrastination enabler such as planning a wedding, so I might as well make the most of it.  And now it’s summer, so you’d think that I’d feel odd with nothing to put off.  You might think that I’d be less obsessed with reading various & sundry wedding blogs because I’m not putting off other more pertinent things to do.

And my dears, you’d be wrong.

Today I found this little bloggy, and now am going to sufficiently waste my entire day browsing through this.  Gina and I are going to allegedly record a podcast tonight, and it’s going to be about musicians and drug culture and what not.  Until then, consider me lost in color palate-land.  It’s a beautiful place full of sparkly & pretty things; why wouldn’t I want to get lost there!?

(Actually I just remembered some important paperwork I very shortly have to drop off.  Oh fart.  Lemme just lookit these next 10 palattes….)

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