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love & marriage

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Two of our friends just got engaged!

This is super exciting news!  But it’s complicated.  And it shouldn’t be.

Really, the only thing that’s complicated is that they have to go to a state that will marry them, or wait until certain people catch up with the times. (Not looking good for Governor Palpatine here.)

They are a lesbian couple, and they are wholly awesome as individuals.  And as all great couples seem to be, they are even more fantastic together than they are separately.  They make each other better – you can feel it when they’re around each other.  I was so very excited to hear they got engaged, and then for a moment I got sad.

I hope to have many great accomplishments in my life, and I certainly hope I didn’t peak at 27.  (If I did, well then damn.  I’m in trouble.)  But I am satisfied in saying that getting engaged was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me.  Anyone can travel the globe, or make the game-winning goal at the World Cup, or win a Nobel prize, but only I get to marry T-storm.  (Okay, that is SUPER hokey & exaggerated, but I do kinda feel that way.)

Not only was it a complete surprise, but he kind of knocked it out of the park in the way he went about it.  I was so thrilled, and the excitement I felt when it first happened is a lasting sort – I still get truly giddy when I think about it.

And I didn’t play it cool afterwards.  Not by a longshot.  I went bonkers berserk to anyone who would listen.  I was floating above the clouds for at least the next 36 hours.  I probably even made some bad work decisions based on how happy I was.  Nevertheless.

So I thought of our friends: I thought of how much they love each other,  how excited I am that they get to spend the rest of their lives together, and I thought of how there are others out there who actively fight to exclude these two totally wonderful people from getting to participate in some of the most beautiful aspects of being in love.

It made me so sad.  I’ve always been pro-gay marriage – it seems like such a non-issue to me and I truly cannot understand why anyone would be against it – and have watched other gay friends get married.  But now that I am ass-deep in planning and preparing for my own wedding, I feel it in my bones.  I feel such a deep sense of injustice that anyone would not recognize the sovereign love of these two people.  Just because both of them have boobs.

It’s clear to me how devoted they are to one another.  It’s clear to anyone within a 100 mile radius of them how devoted they are to one another.  Regardless of when they get married, or where they get married, I hope they plan the most badass crazy amazing celebration that anyone could imagine.  And I hope they each feel the same utter high that I have been riding for the last year and half.  And I will gladly fight anyone who tells them they should feel otherwise.

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