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we are all one big compost heap

Or maybe I’ve misquoted.  I haven’t viewed Fight Club in a long time (although it was the movie playing on the background TVs at a local bar we were at last weekend).

T-storm and I had a very DIO day yesterday.

No we did not listen to him, and as much as everyone likes DIO, my definition is different: Do It Ourselves.

AWWW HOW CUTE.  I went to Target a few days prior and bought a big plastic bin.  We have several big plastic bins, but we are using them all because we have an acute case of hoarders syndrome.  T-storm is big on reading directions, while I usually just kind of go for it, whatever “it” may be.  Experimental functional creativity!

While we own a power drill, we are lacking drill bits, so we had to figure out ways to put holes in this very thick clear plastic bin.  A combination of nails, hammers, push-pins, and then drilling screws into the side made for some decent holes.  I trimmed off the excess plastic with a craft knife.  Thank you, wedding-induced Michael’s addiction!

And then we put this bad boy on the porch!

What’s in there?  Well, we’ve got another plastic bin cover on bottom, to catch all the leakage (there are holes on the bottom, too), 3″ soil as the bottom layer (mostly potting soil, some from a plant that we killed), some ripped up Whole Foods bags as “dry” something, and then COMPOST MATERIAL.  (Super gross but awesome photos of the close-up compost after the cut…)

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in trouble

So summer is the time to be productive. With intellectual pursuits. With fitness goals. With wedding items (okay so that’s girly crafty productive but it’s STILL PRODUCTIVE). With housework challenges. With world-saving endeavors.

NOT with browsing beautiful blog photos. ALL DAMN DAY. And having craft envy. THIS IS NOT HELPFUL.

And yeah.  I remember when I painted my room purple as a teenager and then hung a sign on my door about how I was having a “creative fit” as an excuse for the mess in my room.  (That was most of the extent of my teenage rebelliousness…)  And really, I wasn’t lying.  So any blog named A Beautiful Mess definitely speaks to me on a few levels.

But it’s pretty awesome, nonetheless. I am all about women cashing in on creativity. Hooray!

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